New Felco Pruning Shears Have Arrived!

felco battery pruning shears

More efficient, more precise, and easier to use.

The FELCO Power Blade Series battery pruning shears have arrived! 

These new-generation pruning shears help professionals improve their quality and productivity at work. With an ergonomic design, they provide a comfortable and durable tool to work with. 

We all know that using traditional pruners for long periods of time can be extremely hard on the hands. FELCO pruning shears are easy to handle, provide optimal comfort, and give maximum quality performance. The new carrying system is now twice as light and more compact than the previous generation, thanks to a new design.

FELCO tools have the ability to connect to the FELCO app. In the app, you can see cutting statistics, battery level, and more!

The FELCO 812 and 822 models are now in stock at Savoy!



Date Posted: April 25, 2023