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iMow® Smart:
iMow starts and stops automatically according to a customized schedule yet still responds to changing conditions; the rain sensor tells iMow to dock and to catch up on lost mowing time later on, while the impact sensor tells iMow to reverse and
alter course when it encounters an obstacle.

iMow® Quiet
iMow runs so quietly, your neighbours will hardly know it’s there so it can be programmed to run in the morning or even
at night.

iMow® Clean
Powered by an advanced Lithium-Ion battery, iMow emits no exhaust while working. Its mulching action finely shreds grass clippings, returning them to the lawn as an effective fertilizer which not only provides vital nourishment for a thick and healthy lawn, it eliminates the need to dispose of grass clippings. Regular trimming can help reduce the stress on your lawn when compared to a traditional once-per-week mowing schedule.

iMow® Efficient
If your iMow has a large area to cover in a short time, it can
recharge itself faster. If it’s taking the night off, it charges
itself slowly, thus extending battery life. When in operation,
iMow adjusts its speed to suit the mowing conditions.

Maximum Lawn Area (Approx)
  • .25 acre
Cutting Height
  • .75-2.25 "
Cutting Width
  • 7.8"
Slope Percentage
  • 40%
  • 20 lbs