• What mix ratio for two stroke equipment?
    The mix ratio of modern two stroke equipment is 50:1
  • How long does mixed fuel last?
    It is recommended to store fuel for at most 3 months. Premium fuel with stabilizers may last longer.
  • How often should my equipment be serviced?
    Depends upon hours of use, at a minimum it is recommended to do a complete fuel system service on two stroke equipment at least every 5 years. Fuel filters and air filters should be serviced much more frequently.
  • What size trimmer line to use?
    Curved shaft machines are generally recommended 0.80 or smaller. Straight shaft machines 0.80 or bigger depending upon application and motor size.
  • Do hedge trimmer need blade servicing?
    Hedge trimmer require periodic lubrication of their gearbox and frequent lubrication of the blades for peak performance and longevity.
  • What machines require the most service/break down the most?
    Machines that are used or stored improperly!
  • What is the most common reason my two stroke won't start/what's the most common problem?
    It is most common to see fuel related problems, either old gas or flooded motor.
  • What is the most overlooked basic maintenance issue?
    The most commonly overlooked maintenance issue is air filter care/replacement.
  • What is a PDI?
    A pre delivery inspection (PDI) is a mandatory service that dealers perform on most of the equipment they sell. It includes but is not limited to uncrating and assembling a product, fueling and oiling it where appropriate, adjusting and testing it to run to the manufacturers standards of performance. Finally a PDI includes registering the warranty on behalf of the customer making the purchase. Performing a PDI on each product ensures that no lemons, safety compromised, or defective product is ever sent home with a customer. Each machine is checked by an experienced technician giving the customer complete piece of mind with their new purchase.
  • How should I store my machines?
    Whenever possible machines should be stored out of the weather and not subjected to temperature extremes. If stored for longer periods it is recommended to winterize/summerize equipment ie remove fuel, battery ect.