I just bought a Stihl chainsaw at Savoy. I was just going to buy a cheap one from a box store. I don't need a chain saw on a regular basis but my wife suggested I check out Savoy. After reading the1 star review from Gary Bonner (who walked under a ladder while someone was working from it), and Dave Turner, the owner's excellent response, I decided that if there was any way I could afford it I would buy from Dave and Savoy. The place was crowded but my wait was short and I got a Stihl for less than a bargain brand from a hardware chain store (on sale for $90 off the list of $289). I also bought some gardening tools for my wife and plan to go back when I need a new lawn mower. The sales rep, Britta, was great... helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. She had the mechanic install the blade and chain, oil and lube, start it and adjust the carb. (The shop and repair facilities looked top notch) She even held the door for me on the way out! I was going to tell Dave why I was buying from his place but he was busy helping customers on the Saturday of the May long weekend. Britta promised to let him know. That's the kind of place they have there... top quality equipment and tools, great staff and service, very reasonable prices and an owner who is hands on and genuinely cares about every aspect of his business. As for Gary Bonner who was upset for being warned .... didn't your mom ever tell you not to walk under ladders? For Dave Turner... you showed remarkable restraint with your well thought out and reasonable response. Keep up the good work. I will be back!

Woody Axelrod

Excellent customer service and great value. Quality of work was excellent 10/10 will return for any future equipment servicing

Adam Oranchuk

I went to Savoy Equipment last week because I needed a new lawn mower. The staff helped me get exactly what I needed at a great price. We also purchased a weed trimmer that works much better than our old one. My boys, 10 and 12, are excited to cut the grass. What could be better?

Pierre Piche

I have been a customer of Savoy Equipment for a year. I have purchased STIHL equipment through them, always with excellent service and courtesy. My last purchase was a TORO snow blower, ordered over the phone, at 0815 AM and DELIVERED 2 1/2 hrs later at 1045 AM the same day. The machine was ready to roll, in fact I used it right off the truck. That is outstanding customer service and quality equipment. So if your in the need, do yourself a favor, try these folks , you will be extremely happy you did!!

Terry Shuttleworth

What a great experience. I went in to Savoy to get a new chain for my Dad's saw, not knowing at all what to get. The guy on the counter took the liberty of quickly installing what I needed and showing me the correct tension and care to make it last longer. He also threw in a new chain guard to replace the cracked one I had. Great local company!

Todd Regier

Unreal service. Not pushy. Then when you make a purchase, you will not be leaving with machine that hasn't been tested and shown exactly how to use and maintain that piece of equipment. two thumbs here.

Patrick & Allie Grey

The customer service was outstanding and the price was unbeatable. I knew nothing going in there and left with an excellent product and a great education on mowers


As a company we have purchased many blowers and power brooms over the past couple years from Savoy. Their storefront staff are knowledgeable about their equipment so picking the right brand/model has been easy. The service department also has done a great job getting our equipment in and out in a timely fashion so we can get back to work at full strength.

David Schaefer

Amazing service! I had no idea what I was doing and they helped me find a perfect gift for my husband. The staff was so knowledgeable that they were able to find out exactly what kind of chainsaw he needed based on the few questions I could answer. I would highly recommend Savoy to anyone I know.

Melissa Smith

David and his team at savoy have always worked very hard in helping us with all of our downed equipment or whatever it may be at any current time. Thank you very much.

Garrett Umbarger

I bought my trimmer, chainsaw and blower/vac over the last few months. Great staff willing to spend the time with you to ensure you leave with the product that will best suit your needs. I highly recommend Savoy for quality products and great service.

Darin Langhorn

Friendly, personable, and extremely knowledgeable staff. Very high-end product selection, too. Perfect for people looking for quality products and service.

Jordan Finch

Great service and excellent advice. I bought a new Stihl trimmer from Savoy and they got me into the right one and taught me how to maintain it. This is where I will buy my next mower.

Todd Avison

This is where I buy my tools from. It's a great place for power tools with friendly and knowledgeable staff

Kevin T