ECHO FP-2126 Fire Pump


It’s no secret that a quick response in the event of a fire is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your property. We are currently experiencing a heavy forest fire season in the Okanagan. This means people with rural properties are on high alert and, understandably, on edge.

ECHO’s FP-2126 Fire Pump is back and in stock at Savoy Equipment, for any property owners who wish to boost their preparedness and peace of mind.

This unit is designed to aid in fire suppression during the critical first moments and allow users to act immediately, should the worst-case scenario ever present itself.

Operation does require a nearby water source to draw from, such as a pond, lake, or even a swimming pool.

Watch the video below to see ECHO’s FP-2126 Fire Pump in action.


Here is a more in-depth demonstration of the ECHO FP-2126 Fire Pump, along with many other useful tips for protecting your property during fire season.


As always, please stay alert and stay safe this summer.

Date Posted: July 21, 2021